20 Jun

Michael Vick was convicted in 2007 for dog-fighting allegations. He spent 18 months in prison lost over a $100 million. Then, when he finally got out of prison, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to sign the former Falcons quarterback. As you would have guessed, every single animal rights group (including the powerful PETA) condemned the Eagles for signing him.

In Vick’s first season, he was a the third string Quarterback behind donovan Mcnab (he only came on during wilcat formation). But last year, the Eagles traded Mcnab and made Kolb their number one choice. But Kolb got hurt in week 1 and so Vick took over the job and didn’t look back. He played so well that he was runner up to Brady for league MVP.

But he wasn’t just good on the field, he’s off-field contributions are also impressive. Every week DURING the season, he would go and talk to highschool students about dog-fighting. He helped animal rights groups and also worked as a spokesman for them. But yet, even after all of these, people still decide not to forgive him. They say that a convict shouldn’t be able to return to his old job and rebuild his life. They think that Vick doesn’t deserve a life anymore. What’s wrong with them?

Yes, what Vick did was inhumane, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t move on. Hey, other players in the NFL have KILLED HUMANS, but no one is protesting against them! So I ask you animal rights activists: When did animals become more important than humans? When did we, as people decide not to ever forgive a person for doing something wrong? They say that they don’t believe he is actually sorry, but only sorry that he got caught. Well even if that’s the case (I don’t think it is), WHO CARES?? As long as he doesn’t do it again, then I’m fine with it,  and I also forgive him, and so should everyone!!!


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